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Panther Stealth - Worlds Smallest High Resolution DV/Voice Camcorder

Panther Camcorders

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Panther Stealth - Worlds Smallest High Resolution DV/Voice Camcorder
2.7255 out of 5 based on
89 ratings and 51 customer reviews

(51 reviews)

The Mini DV camera is the ideal device to capture video and sound while on the move. Whether you use it for covert operations or to monitor your loved ones and cherished possessions this small camera is perfect for all sorts of covert surveillance.

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The Mini DV is a great alternative to conventional CCTV for the times when you dont want people to know theyre on camera. Self-contained, and with no cables to hide, its perfect for all sorts of covert surveillance and ideal for journalists, private investigators, or businesses that want to keep an eye on the cash register if the figures dont add up and they suspect someone of being light-fingered.

The Mini DV is small enough to conceal in almost any location. You could put it inside a pack of chewing gum or cigarettes and itll quietly record everything thats going on in its line of sight. Even if you simply placed it somewhere unobtrusive, chances are it wouldnt even be noticed!

With a record time of up to two hours per charge, the Mini DV records AVI video files onto a Micro SD Card (Max 16GB) that can be played back on a computer .

The Mini DV camera is the ideal device to capture video and sound while on the move, whether you are simply riding a bike or about to carry out a parachute jump the Mini DV comes complete with a variety of clips and brackets to allow you to simply carry out this task.

The Mini DV is tiny size and simple to operate making it ideal for both amateurs and experienced users.

Key Features:
- Small enough to conceal in almost any location
- High quality audio and colour video
- No cables to hide
- Records two hours per charge
- Requires Micro SD Card (not supplied)

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Reviews of Panther Stealth - Worlds Smallest High Resolution DV/Voice Camcorder


By mr d wild on 19th Dec. 2015

Not a lot.

The usb cable had a micro plug instead of a mini usb plug. The instructions are a very poor Chinese translation. The led's didn't do what they ought to when recording, so you couldn't tell if it was recording or not, so I've sent it back as faulty. I've also seen it substantially cheaper on Amazon!


By Peter Breed on 12th Jun. 2015

Too flimsy -easily breakable


By neil stokes on 8th Jun. 2015

Brilliant Service have used you more than once thanks again.


By SOMAN PILLAI on 8th Jun. 2015

Camera resolution



By Charles Rodgers on 8th Jun. 2015



By William Newman on 10th Sep. 2014

Does not record for length of time shown in blurb. Max appears to be about 35 minutes. Bracket keeps falling apart. Cannot stop date and time appearing on video.


By Marcus Cole on 26th Jun. 2014

Good resolution when working

Doesn't charge well from PC. Doesn't always work. Only records in 10 minute files and does approx 5-6 then stops. It was a lesson in YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Do


By Michael Mccarrick on 29th May. 2014

Great little recorder for the money. Had a problem with the first one I received but thanks to MyMemory it was sorted out quickly!


By Edward Pearce on 11th Apr. 2014

Cheap, would have paid more for a better product

Not very robust. The instructions are incompressible. The LED are difficult if not impossible to see and know what mode the camera is in. Camera seems to switch of after a random period of time.


By Alan Foster on 27th Dec. 2013

Its a very cheap fun camcorder

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