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Everyday Basics Handheld Ultrasonic Measurer with Laser Pointer

Everyday Basics Home Appliances

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Everyday Basics Handheld Ultrasonic Measurer with Laser Pointer
4.6000 out of 5 based on
29 ratings and 15 customer reviews

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No tape measure? No problem, this handy ultrasonic measuring tool with laser pointer will save you hours of time. And you can take all the measurements yourself without asking someone else to hold the other end of the tape measure!

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The ultrasonic distance meter and laser pointer is a perfect tool to quickly measure the distance, area and volume of a room. It can measure distances in a straight-line from 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet. Your distance measuring device transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to measure. Afterwards, it measures the time taken by the waves to reflect and then calculates and re-transcribes the distance.

Key Features

- Area, Volume, Addition, Subtraction Calculation
- Frequency: 40kHz (Ultrasonic Pickup)
- LCD with Backlight
- Measure Distance From 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet or 0.45m to 18.288m
- Package Content: 1 x Ultrasonic Distance Measurer, 1 x English Manual
- Power supply: 9v Alkaline Battery (not supplied)
- Range 2 to 60 ft (0.50 to 18.288m)
- Resolution 0.01M or 1/2 Inch
- Unit of measurement Feet or Meters
- Working temperature: 0 - 43 centigrade

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Reviews of Everyday Basics Handheld Ultrasonic Measurer with Laser Pointer


By John Smith on 18th Feb. 2016

Good price for a handy tool


By David Boggon on 17th Jul. 2015

Good price – efficient service


By Muhib Uddin on 6th Mar. 2015

Does what is says on the tin

There has to be no obstructions remotely in the way otherwise it wont give accurate distance


By Andrew Duffield on 5th Mar. 2015

The device can be used to calculate volume and area, useful when planning carpets etc. it also has a laser which is useful to ensure your actually measuring what you want to it measures where the laser pointer is.

I have had some instances where it gives odd readings. To be honest they were so obviously odd they didn't affect real use. It does take a few seconds to reset itself and you have get used to a slight delay or you get an error message. But again it's not a huge issue.


By Edward Cannell on 24th Jul. 2014

Value for money and extremely convenient.


By Jacky Long on 24th Jul. 2014

Does what it says


By David Wilson on 25th Mar. 2014

Seems excellent for the price, not had any use yet, but test show it is accurate within 5mm


By Geoffrey Till on 25th Mar. 2014

The price


By Elizabeth Anderson on 25th Mar. 2014

It does what you want it to. No complicated instructions.


By Patrick Lynch on 4th Jan. 2014

For the price its ok...

Could do with a bigger version

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