Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Alcatel 1054X waterproof?


Is the Alcatel 1054X water resistant?


What size SIM card do I need for a Alcatel 1054X?


Does the Alcatel 1054X have a headphone jack?

The headphone jack on the Alcatel 1054X is a standard 3.5mm Jack. You can use wireless headphones too. See our full range headphones.

Does the Alcatel 1054X use Wireless Charging?


Can I use wireless headphones with the Alcatel 1054X?

See our range of wireless headphones compatible with the Alcatel 1054X.

Does the Alcatel 1054X work with USB flash drives?


What memory cards can I use in the Alcatel 1054X?

What is the maximum capacity memory card I can use in a Alcatel 1054X?

32GB is the the maximum capacity comaptible with the Alcatel 1054X.

What is the connection type on the Alcatel 1054X?

The Alcatel 1054X has a Micro USB data and charging connection.