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Why waste your old CD collection when there’s such a great choice of CD players? At MyMemory, we stock only the best and most convenient solutions to play your music on-the-go or at home. Leading brands such as Sony and Groov-e are featured, providing an affordable solution to rival the best MP3 players. It’s time to liberate your CDs and enjoy your old music once again.

The personal CD player is one of our best sellers. This ultra-portable option is both lightweight and compact. An impressive battery life gives assurance with a long playback time making them a great companion for travelling. Thanks to the anti-jog system this device can also be used during workouts as the music won’t skip a beat.

The portable boombox is another popular choice which often combines a CD player with a radio. What’s more, these connect to a smartphone or MP3 player. This functionality lets you enjoy all of your music with one compact device that can be charged for travelling or used around the home and office.

Browse our full range of CD players or search by brands to find a portable solution that keeps your CD collection alive and kicking!

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