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Digital Voice Recorders

We stock an impressive choice of voice recorders from leading brands such as Omega, Panther and Olympus. Chosen for their excellent build quality and state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be assured of optimum sound clarity with plenty of storage. It just got even easier to record messages on the go!

Not only compact, these easy-to-use devices boast an impressive battery life. Some of our best sellers can record for up to 80 hours in between charges. You won’t be limited by memory either, with up to 4GB or 2,200 hours of playback in all of our featured voice recorders.

Recording short messages or long dialogue is no longer an issue thanks to convenient features. These include voice activated control - allowing you to record with hands-free functionality - as well as variable speed playback and noise cancelling tech, which ensures clear sounds without distortion.

Whether it’s being used for work or educational purposes, a great recorder remains a must have accessory.

Browse our full range of MyMemory voice recorders to discover the perfect solution for your needs.

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