LifeTrak Core R210 Calorie and Heart Rate Activity Tracker Watch

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Get Active.
With this water resistant tracker, you do not need an app or a computer to see your day's progress, activity and sleep charts, it is all available right on your wrist. Get on the path to better health today with the easy to use, accurate, technologically advanced and customisable core R210. The strap is a reversible/interchangeable ultra-soft silicone band. Additional band styles and colours are available at LifeTrak

Burn Calories. Sleep Better. Improve Health.
Go ahead, follow your heart. Calories burned are calculated by your heart rate readings, daily activity, and personal statistics. ECG accurate heart rate check your effort level by measuring your heart rate without a chest strap.

Get better calorie burn estimates and track your intensity level with the simple press of a button. Previous recorded heart rate will show while the core R210 calculates your current heart rate.

Intelligent step count & distance calculation get a better picture of your progress with accurate step count and distance measurement. Uses a 50-60 step buffer to filter out false steps by making sure you are really walking, before updating the count.

Adjusts to walking, jogging or running through a patented pace-based and stride detection algorithm. 7-day and hourly records on the wrist conveniently see your progress and data charts without needing a smartphone, tablet, computer or app. Use the generous sized display and buttons for easy navigation, and data is stored for seven days.

Workout mode improves your performance by capturing workout stats separately from the rest of your day. It records steps, distance, calories burned and length of workout. It will save the last 3 workouts.

If you want more you can get connected via the app, available for Apple and Android, which you can download here: LifeTrak App

Note: the core R210 has a finger-touch type ECG heart rate monitor, not a continuous optical heart rate monitor.

SleepTrak: Automatic Sleep Monitoring.
Rest easy without needing to tell the core R210 you are going to sleep or waking up. Review your sleep quality data to help you improve your night’s rest. Monitors your sleep quality based on proprietary and advanced algorithms. Advanced calorie tracking get personalised all-day calorie-burn data to get a more accurate picture of your progress.

Why monitor sleep: “You are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy.” Your blood pressure and heart rate decrease when you are sleeping, making quality sleep crucial to your health. Lack of sleep can impact how you feel, look, think, and increase insulin resistance, a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Key Features

- Long battery life & water resistant.
- Wear it anytime and anywhere without recharging.
- Typical one-year battery life with standard coin cell.
- Water resistant up to 30 meters / 90 feet.
- Customisable comfort fit bands

Additional Information

Brand LifeTrak
Warranty 1 Year
Barcode 818603011053
Product Code LTK7R2104
SKU 336921

LifeTrak Core R210 Calorie and Heart Rate Activity Tracker Watch

LifeTrak Core R210 Calorie and Heart Rate Activity Tracker Watch

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