Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nokia 8 waterproof?


Is the Nokia 8 water resistant?


What size SIM card do I need for a Nokia 8?


Does the Nokia 8 have a headphone jack?

The headphone jack on the Nokia 8 is a standard 3.5mm Jack. You can use wireless headphones too. See our full range headphones.

Does the Nokia 8 use Wireless Charging?


Can I use wireless headphones with the Nokia 8?

See our range of wireless headphones compatible with the Nokia 8.

Does the Nokia 8 work with USB flash drives?

Yes. See our range of USB Flash Drives compatible with the Nokia 8.

What memory cards can I use in the Nokia 8?

Micro SD and USB Flash Drives are compatible with the Nokia 8

What is the maximum capacity memory card I can use in a Nokia 8?

256GB is the the maximum capacity comaptible with the Nokia 8.

What is the connection type on the Nokia 8?