Seiko Oxford English Spellchecker


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This electronic Oxford English Spellchecker has been produced by Seiko Instruments Inc. using over 200,000 words licensed from Oxford University Press, publishers of the world’s most trusted dictionaries to give you a new and exciting way to expand your knowledge of the English language. Compact and portable, it can be taken with you anywhere.

Key Features:
- Spellchecker – View phonetic or alphabetic matches.
- Crossword Solver – Enables you to complete those hard to finish crosswords.
- Anagram/ Jumble Solver – Type a word or jumble of letters and the solver will build a list of as many valid anagrams as possible.
- 7 Word Games – With score memory.
- Calculator – with memory & percent.
- 190 metric/ imperial & currency converters.
- Clear high-contrast display.
- Context sensitive help menu.
- Pocket sized – for use anywhere.

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Brand Seiko
Warranty 1 Year
Barcode 5012789406244
Product Code ER1-100
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Seiko Oxford English Spellchecker

Seiko Oxford English Spellchecker

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