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About Portable Hard Drives

A portable hard drive is a type of digital storage device, and as the name suggests, it is generally convenient to transport. Similar to USB drives, portable hard drives usually have a much larger capacity to store files, documents, games and programmes on, and are ideal if you need to carry a large amount of data with you on a regular basis.

If you work from different places or travel a lot, a portable hard drive could be just what you need.

Our range of Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, and Transcend portable hard disk drives give you the confidence and peace of mind that all your valuable data can be transferred to and from your Windows PC or Apple Mac, whenever you need, as well as safely and effectively expanding the storage capacity of your laptop or desktop.

Portable hard drives now typically come with a 3.0 USB connection, for fast file transfers, but you can also buy wireless hard drives from our online shop too. These transfer files by a wireless network in your house, meaning you don’t need a physical connection to back up files.

Check out our full selection of portable hard drives, or use our Memory Selector to decide which type and size of memory will best suit your needs.

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