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About Micro SDHC

With a higher capacity than standard SD cards, a micro SDHC card is perfect for storing all your photos, videos and games without worrying that you’ll run out of space on your device. We stock micro SDHC cards from a range of leading brands, including Samsung, Lexar and Sandisk.

What does micro SDHC mean?

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. The micro SDHC card is the latest version in the ongoing evolution of the Micro SD™ memory card range, based on the SDA 2.00 specification and introduced by the SD Card Association.

How much can a micro SDHC card store?

Although micro SDHC cards work much in the same way as a standard SD card, they have a higher storage capacity and can hold between 4GB and 32GB.

Are micro SDHC cards backward-compatible with Micro SD devices?

Micro SDHC cards are compatible with most mobiles, tablets and camera devices. However, because they are recognised differently by new micro SDHC host devices than standard micro SD cards, they are not backward-compatible with legacy micro SD format host devices. Standard micro SD cards are forward-compatible with new SDHC host devices.

Legacy micro SD host devices and Micro SD cards (up to 2GB) are FAT 16 file system compatible, while the new micro SD 2.00 file system specification defines a micro SD FAT 32 file system for the new micro SDHC host devices and cards.

How big is a micro SDHC card?

Micro SDHC cards come in the standard size of 11mm by 15mm.

What are the advantages of a micro SDHC card?

As well as the obvious advantage of more storage space, micro SDHC cards have a higher transfer rate of up to 150MB per second, making them much faster than standard micro SD cards.

Micro SDHC cards are versatile and are compatible with smaller devices such as mobile phones, which require a micro-sized memory card. They can also be used with a memory card adapter and therefore work with devices that might normally require a standard SDHC card. This also makes micro SDHC cards a cost-effective option, as they can work with any device that is SDHC compatible.

Please use our Memory Selector or check your manual to find out whether your device is compatible with a micro SDHC card.

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