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This must-have camera accessory serves two purposes. Firstly, it protects your lens from drops and scratches. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, camera filters are effective at improving image quality for a more refined or varied aesthetic. Whether it’s for creativity or added protection, filters provide a useful solution that won’t break the bank. The MyMemory range includes filters from leading brands that are both affordable yet premium.

The conventional clear threaded filter is only used for protection. Thanks to improvements in technology, these provide such clarity that it won’t affect image sharpness despite sitting over the lens. Taking the full brunt in the event of a drop or knock, it’s an easy way to safeguard the camera lens which are very costly to repair.

Alternatively, for the professional photographer, filters can be used for a variety of outcomes. Do you want to remove reflections in glass surfaces, tone down a bright background or cut out ultraviolet light and improve the contrast of your pictures? Whatever the requirements, by using one or several ‘stacked’ filters at once, you’ll capture that desired image.

Take a look at the full MyMemory range of camera filters or browse by brand to find the most compatible solution.

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